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Product Overview: What is Official Esports Data?

Official Esports Data powered by Riot Games is the only source for reliable, accurate, and secure data for League of Legends and VALORANT competitions. It allows partners and developers to fully integrate into the Riot Games integrity infrastructure.

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Our Focus

Why is ‘Official Data’ important?

Data is taking center stage across global sports as the driving force behind fan engagement, professional improvement, and growth. Easy and secure access to trusted, official data is the first step in taking esports to the next level and building a world where the sport, its partners, and the community can thrive.


Data Quality

Only official Riot Games Data can deliver the most accurate and comprehensive low latency esports data directly from the games. Other data is delayed and cannot be delivered reliably.


Validated Results

Only official Riot Games data can provide validated results for winners/losers and scores. Unofficial results may change or be invalid.


Match Integrity

Only by using official Riot Games data are partners protected under Riot Games' comprehensive approach to match integrity monitoring. Without access to the integrity ecosystem customers will be outside of the risk management network and trusted results.


Protecting Partner Value

Riot Games invests heavily in protecting the value of our data to partners, using official data to ensure our mutual investment in the future of esports.

So... tl;dr?

Be fully integrated into the Riot Games integrity infrastructure.

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Multiple Games, One Riot Games Approach

Official Data Products

Tap into the power of scores and data for VALORANT and League of Legends from Riot Games.

LoL Esports

Riot Games is partnering with GRID to deliver real-time League of Legends Esports data directly from the source.


Riot Games is partnering with GRID to deliver real-time VALORANT Esports data directly from the source.

Powered By

While all esports data is Powered by Riot Games, we proudly partner with GRID to distribute our scores and data.

A little history

Esports has come a long way

The future of esports will be driven by collaboration between official data providers and partners, developing the next generation of fan-focused products and experiences. Only official data can provide accurate, reliable, and fast information to partners directly from the source.

We are committed to the continued development of Esports Data as part of the long-term sustainability of our sports.

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