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Your source for fast, accurate, and secure League of Legends and VALORANT Esports Data.

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Multiple Esports, One Riot Games Approach

Official Data Products

Tap into the power of scores and data for League of Legends and VALORANT from Riot Games.

LoL Esports

Riot Games is partnering with GRID to deliver real-time League of Legends Esports data directly from the source.


Riot Games is partnering with GRID to deliver real-time VALORANT Esports data directly from the source.

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While all esports data is Powered by Riot Games, we proudly partner with GRID to distribute our scores and data.

Our Commitment

Riot Games is committed to the long-term growth and sustainability of our esports.

As part of that mission, we have invested heavily in the future of esports with a firm belief that accessible, reliable, and accurate data will lead to products and experiences that will empower fans all over the world.

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Riot Games Esports Scores and Data

Fast, Easy, And Powerful.

Providing the most fast and reliable data platform to power your products.

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Official Esports Data Powered by Riot Games

Riot Games is the only source for official League of Legends and VALORANT esports data and scores.


The Only Source of Truth

Esports Data powered by Riot Games is the only source of certified match results.


Accessible, Reliable, Accurate

Our industry leading process, approach, and technology ensures data is easy to use, everpresent, and trusted.
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Integrity in Gaming Data

The Riot Games Approach to Esports Data

Our top priority is protecting the competitive integrity of esports at Riot Games through the use of education, monitoring, and access to our official data feeds.

The Evolution of Esports and Official Data

Esports has grown at an exponential rate over the past few years. With that growth, the importance of maintaining the integrity and security of esports data has taken center stage.

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Esports Data Innovation: The LoL Esports Data Portal (LDP)

In our mission to enable the next generation of esports products and experiences, we are on the lookout for ways to change the game. The LDP is a first of its kind data distribution platform to act as a central hub for all esports data across our ecosystem.

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Expanding Esports Data Innovation: The VALORANT Esports Data Portal (VDP)

We are constantly pushing the evolution of our esports data ecosystems. The VDP represents an opportunity to support our newest esports title in its early development and to accelerate its growth with the full support of our tech platforms.

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